She Knows

Title: She Knows
Rating: U
Summary: It's hard to miss…
Spoilers: None really. If you've ever seen Castle look at Beckett then you're okay.
Disclaimer: I do not own Castle.
Date: 13th April 2011

… … …

She knows that he is in love with her.

It's hard to miss the look in his eyes whenever he looks at her. The admiration; the adoration; the soft, gentle affection. It causes all kinds of reaction in her when she notices he's looking: Her heart races; her stomach tightens; each breath almost catches in her throat. She's excited; she's nervous… She's scared.

So, when their eyes meet, holding those seconds longer than strictly necessary, and his lips part as if he's about to voice his hidden feelings, she has to look away. She has to break the moment. Because she isn't ready to know that he is in love with her. She isn't ready for everything to change. She isn't prepared to give up their partnership just yet; isn't prepared for them to take that step. Because she hasn't let herself think about it; she has forced herself to focus on their work, their friendship.

She needs more time.

Because she isn't ready to admit that she knows that she is in love with him.

… … …