Best Birthday Present

Rating: Trainee
Disclaimer: I don't own CSI. But oh how it would be if I did…
Summary: He didn't forget…
Dedication: Happy birthday, Gomey! Couldn't post it on the day, but here it is now.
A/N: Just a little birthday drabble, written in honour of Gomey's birthday.
Date: 22nd May 2010


It hadn't occurred to her that he had forgotten her birthday until she arrived at work the next evening and found an envelope on her desk. She recognised the handwriting instantly and smiled to herself.

Picking it up, she slid a finger under the seal, then gently slipped the card from the envelope - revealing a picture of several delicious looking cakes.

Inside, it said, "I didn't forget. I'm just late. Usual place. Usual time. My treat."

Her smile widened. A glance at the envelope confirmed the card had been hand delivered. He was in Vegas: Best birthday present ever.