Rating: CSI-1
Summary: How could she have been so wrong?
Spoilers: 7x22 Leapiní Lizards
Disclaimer: I donít own CSI
A/N: A drabble based on the final scene of Leapiní Lizards. Itís so unlikely to ever happen, but I couldnít help writing it. Angst. Pure angst.
Date: May 2007

She stands; arms loose at her sides, tears prickling at her eyes, determination keeping them at bay; searching for understanding.

He looks up at her with eyes that used to envelope her in warmth; blues that used to make her feel safe and calm. Now they send a shiver through her body.

Her fists clench as she fights the nausea rising with her. How could she have been so wrong?

She canít restrain it any longer; a sob escapes her outside the door and she crumbles.

It canít be happening.

And yet it is.

His friends. Deceived.

Gil Grissom. Murderer.