Summary: They remember…
Disclaimer: I think we know they are not mine.
A/N: Many thanks to Alza and Cheesy Grin for helping me rediscover my writing abilities. Just a short, sugary, cheesy offering…
Date: June 06

She remembers the shivers that tickled from her fingertips to her core when their hands connected. She remembers the short nervous laughs from both of them – amused at having both reached for the file simultaneously. She remembers the silence as their eyes met.

She remembers drowning in the depths of his gaze.

He remembers missing a heart beat on seeing his feelings reflected in her eyes. He remembers dropping the file in favour of wrapping his hand around hers. He remembers how soft her skin was beneath his fingertips.

He remembers that she trembled as his thumb stroked across her hand.

She remembers her breath catching as he took her hand. She remembers watching his eyes fall to follow the path of his fingers. She remembers her eyes falling on his lips as she admired his distracted face.

She remembers blushing when he looked up and caught her.

He remembers the corners of his lips turning into an amused smirk at her embarrassment. He remembers the tingle of excitement her shyness caused. He remembers the anticipation in the air as their eyes met again.

He remembers swallowing hard before taking a step towards her.

She remembers her head lifting gradually as she watched him approach. She remembers the butterflies that started to bat around her stomach. She remembers the momentary void as his hand left hers.

She remembers his gentle touch against her jaw line.

He remembers her jumping slightly as he touched his fingernails to her jawbone. He remembers her lips twitching into a smile when his thumb trailed her cheek. He remembers the barely-there contact of her hands on his waist.

He remembers her stepping closer to him.

She remembers her tongue darting quickly to moisten her lips. She remembers feeling his body heat surround her. She remembers seeing nothing but the safety of his eyes.

She remembers that he blinked just before he kissed her.

He remembers that her lips were softer than he’d imagined. He remembers that she tasted like strawberries and cream. He remembers a small sigh escaping her as the kiss deepened.

He remembers that at that moment he could remember nothing but his love for her.

She remembers tightening her hold on him as she melted into his embrace. She remembers running her tongue along his lips. She remembers that he tasted like coffee and chocolate.

She remembers not caring whether the chocolate had contained an insect.

He remembers parting his lips that they might taste each other further. He remembers running his fingers through her silky hair. He remembers her body flush against his.

He remembers never wanting that moment to end.


They remember as rings are exchanged. They remember the first kiss. They remember how it all started.

And they remember that they are still just at the beginning; facing a future filled with memories.