Rating: Trainee
Summary: Someone sees something they shouldn't...
Disclaimer: CSI is not mine
A/N: This idea came to me yesterday.  Only a few weeks late, as it perfectly fits the February Challenge! But, better late than never, eh? Thank you to Alza for reading it and assuring me it is ok.  Enjoy!
Date: March 2007

They freeze, eyes wide animals caught in headlights.  And I smirk. I knew it.


A blush rises to Cath's cheeks, and I see the corners of her mouth twitch upwards.  They might be panicked, it might have been unintentional for that to happen in my presence, but clearly she can't help smiling.  It's good to see that she's happy.



And from the look on his face - a crisp reflection of hers - Grissom is just as blissfully content.

"I'll see you later," he tells her, softly, before shooting me a brief look that says everything I've already decided for myself about keeping quiet.  So I nod, and he leaves.

Of course, `keeping quiet' doesn't apply to speaking to Catherine.  And, of course, `speaking' means shamelessly winding her up.

"Not a word," she says, though, before I have chance to comment.

A smile creeps across my lips.  "I think I deserve an explanation."

"Is that going to be the price of your silence?" she asks me, her eyes narrowed in my direction.

I laugh briefly.  "It can be the first payment."

She narrows her eyes further but laughs all the same.  "You weren't supposed to see that."

"I figured that much for myself."

She shrugs. "I guess he just forgot where we were."

"So it happens a lot then?  Grissom kissing you?" I smirk.

And there's that radiant smile again, accompanied by the red tint to her cheeks, and she dips her head away shyly.  Even a `yes' would have been a less direct answer.

"It's about time," I tell her honestly.

She raises her eyes to meet mine, and smiles her gratitude for my compliment.

There are many other questions I could ask.  And I will.  But not right now.  Right now we have work to do, and it is sufficient to know that she's happy; that I was right; and that there really is no point in joining in Greg's pool.