Something To Say
Rating: Trainee
SPOILERS: Loosely based on upcoming events, so I guess itís spoilerish if youíve totally avoided everything to do with whatís going to be happening.
Summary: They need to talk before he leavesÖ
Disclaimer: I do not own CSI
Date: 02/01/07

I smile, I wave, and I wonder once again if there was something I could have said -- should have said Ė that would have made a difference.

He stops to wave back; his bag by his feet, a small, sad smile on his lips. Several other passengers walk by him and I realise heís been there a little longer than is really necessary.

His eyes are locked on mine.

Heís wondering the same thing.

I smile again, blushing, then I raise my fingers to my lips and blow him a kiss.

He laughs. He waves. We leave.

Iíve said enough now.