The Next Chapter
Rating: CSI-1
Author's Note: Nope, sadly, this is not the next chapter of Wedding Bells. This is a little fic that has been niggling away at me, yelling "Write Me!". This is the result of this nagging taking place in the early hours of the morning when I should be asleep, I apologise if it's rubbish/confusing/makes no sense at all. Just thought I'd post it, or else it would be pointless to have written it. Words are meant to be read. Okay, now I'm rambling. Again I blame it on the time.
ps the lyrics used are from "Naughty Girl" by Holly Valance.
Disclaimer: They ain't mine :-(
The line is moving far too slowly. I need to be on the plane, I need to be on my way out of here. I step forward with the rest of the queue as one more person is allowed through.

My shoulder is starting to ache from holding my bag for so long. I shift it to the other arm. As my head turns to adjust the strap, I see her from the corner of my eye.

But, it can't be her. So I don't look. Or maybe I don't want it to be her. Maybe I can't look.

I move forward again. I am careful not to glance in her direction. It'll be easier for her if I didn't see her. Or maybe it'll be easier for me.

I take another step forwards. I don't want to look. I can't bear to look. I know what I would find.

Only one more person and then it's my turn. I know I've hurt her. I don't want to see the pain.

Finally I reach the front and they take my boarding pass. This is the moment I've been waiting for. This is what I need to do.

I step towards the doorway, but I stop. And I look.

~Can't take the sadness from your eyes~

She is there. So still. Just looking at me. She looks so disappointed. So hurt. So angry. And I know I caused that.

Her eyes are red. She's been crying. And I know I made her cry.

And I know I can't take it back.

And I long to take it back.

~Can't put the truth back in my lies~

It's too late. I know I've lost her. I pushed her away too many times. I hid the truth too many times. I told too many lies.

She trusted me. She believed me. And I betrayed that.

And I know we can't go back.

And I long to go back.

~Don't make me try and explain~

I'm still standing here. She's still looking. Just looking. She hasn't moved at all.

And I know she's waiting. I know she's telling me I have another chance. Or maybe she's come to say goodbye.

I glance back towards the gate. I need to decide.

Looking back, she's still the same. But I notice she has moved closer. Or maybe I just hope she has.

The other passengers are growing impatient as I block their path. I need to move. But I don't know which way to go.

I move to speak to the steward and I see her. She did move. She panicked.

I drop my bag and run to her. She meets me halfway. Our arms cannot hold each other tight enough. Tears stream down both our faces. She knows I am sorry. And I know she forgives me.

~Let's just start over again~

She takes my head in her hands. The touch makes my entire body tremble. I don't deserve this woman.

She sees that thought in my eyes as I pull away.

"Yes you do," she smiles, not letting me run. "You're gonna tell me the whole truth. And we're gonna start again."

"I don't want to start again," I say, surprising myself as much as her. "I can't wait another fifteen years to tell you I love you."

Tears once again fill her eyes as she smiles. "Well, maybe we'll just start the next chapter."