Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own The Mentalist. Sadly.
Summary: Jane and Lisbon sitting in a tree...
A/N: This is complete fluff. And just dialogue.
Date: 4th June 2012

… … …

"Just so you know, I am never going to agree to one of your bright ideas ever again."

"Aww, come now, Lisbon, this one isn't that bad -"

"We are in a tree."

"With an excellent view of the property."

"I don't know why I even agreed to this in the first place. Did you hypnotise me? You must have hypnotised me."

"Of course I didn't hypnotise you. And you can leave whenever you want. The ladder is right over - ... Ah. That would be our ladder."

"Running down the street."


"What were you saying about how I could leave whenever I want?"

"I'm sure you've climbed a few trees in your time, Teresa. This one has plenty of limbs, you can -"

"There's a faster way you can get out of this tree."

"Now now, there's no need for violence."

"We are stuck in a tree!"

"You're just annoyed because this wasn't your idea."

"I can't believe I agreed to this. If you didn't hypnotise me, then I must have had a serious lapse in sanity."

"Or maybe you wanted to be sitting in a tree with me."

"Stuck in a tree."

"I prefer 'sitting in a tree'."

"Don't say it like that."

"Like what?"

"You know like what."

"'Jane and Lisbon sitting in a tree...'"

"You wish!"

"I think you wish."

"This was your idea."

"Which you readily agreed to."

"We've established that I wasn't of sound mind."

"You won't be saying that when we catch the guy."

"I'd say that's more of an 'if'. And a pretty big 'if'."

"But you don't deny that you'll change your tune."

"That goes without saying."

"How's the water in 'denial'?"

"Bite me!"

"Not in our first tree. Maybe next time."

"Oh there won't be a next time."

"We'll see."

"There won't."

"We'll see."

"You'll be disappointed."

"I highly doubt that."

"Stop that."

"Stop what?"

"Looking at me like that."

"Like what?"

"I see you're in a mature mood tonight."

"Like what, Teresa?"

"... You know like what."

"I suppose you want me to stop edging closer as well?"

"Why are you edging closer?"

"We're sitting in a tree."

"We're on a stake out."

"We're not going to catch anyone from here."

"Then why the -"

"We're sitting in a tree."

"Why do - ... Oh."

"Yes. Oh."

"I suppose you paid those kids to take the ladder."

"I might have."


"I like it when you get that angry glint in your eyes."

"No, why the tree? Seems a bit extreme."

"Only way I could guarantee we wouldn't be interrupted."

"Because people are always showing up at your place, or my place, or some out of the way restaurant."

"You're not questioning the fact that I wanted to get you alone."

"No I'm not."

"And you're not backing away."

"Not really anywhere to go."

"Would you go if you could?"



"I'd think it was wise."

"It probably would be."

"Pity we're sitting in a tree then."

"Not 'stuck in a tree'?"

"I'm coming round to your way of thinking."

"That'll be the hypnosis kicking in."

"Or another lapse in sanity."

"Do you mind if we skip to the K-I-S-S-I-N-G before it wears off?"

"As long as -"



"Does that answer your question?"

"For now. But we will need to talk."

"And we will. But that's not what trees are for."