Rating: PG
Summary: She just wants one moment...
Season: set early season 5
A/N: I started this ficlet in November, so a lot of season 5 had not yet happened. Thank you to Victoria for reading it for me.
Date: 6th July 2013

... ... ...

She wouldn't mind if it only happened once. If just one time he could look at her and not see a means to an end; not see his link to the Red John case; not see the person determined to stop him from murdering his nemesis. If, for one brief moment, he wouldn't just see a friend; a confidante; a badge to get him out of his self-created trouble.

She would like it if, just once, he would see her; would see the woman who has stood by him for nearly a decade; who has put her own life and career on the line for him time and time again. If he would just see a woman who loves him more than she has ever loved anyone.

Because she believes that once might just be enough. She knows he cares fiercely for people he loves. And she knows he loves her - she has seen that more than once, and his pretence of not remembering that he once told her just supports her theory. But it's this denial that she needs to get past. And she thinks one moment might do it. One moment that will make him realise that there's an alternative; that there's another future waiting for him. One moment to show him that his right to love and be loved was not lost with his wife and daughter; that they could bring Red John to justice her way and have the life they both deserve.

She just wants one moment to show him that she is there; where she has always been.

She just wants him to let himself see her.

Just once.

It doesn't seem like a lot to ask.

Yet she's still waiting.

... ... ...