Rating: U
Summary: He never wants to move from here...
Spoilers: set after season 3, so anything up to and including the series finale.
Disclaimer: I do not own The Newsroom.
Dedication: This is my 300th complete story. I dedicate it to everyone I have come across on that epic writing journey: friends, authors, readers, reviewers. Thank you!
A/N: Thank you to Victoria for reading this for me. It's soppy. You've all been warned!
Date: 11th January 2015

... ... ...

He never wants to move from here.

She doesn't know that he is there. She would have at least paused - if not stopped completely - if she had noticed him watching. So he seizes the opportunity to observe her. To observe them. He is, after all, watching them both.

He can't take his eyes off them. It has been the same for the last eighteen days whenever they're in the same room. His eyes just will not move away.

He has loved Mac since the day he met her; thought he couldn't possibly love her more than at the moment she agreed to marry him. Then she had told him she was pregnant and the surge of love was almost overwhelming. Now, with each passing minute he loves the two ladies in front of him more and more, and he doesn't want to miss a second. It is painful to be away from them.

He knows he needs to get a grip. He cannot continue to call her every five minutes when he's at work. But the extra time he has to wait between calls when he is on the air has been agony. He cannot even entertain the idea of going any longer than that without talking to her, or texting her, or having her send him a photograph.

But, for now, he pushes that from his mind. For this moment, all he has to think about is them. Right there in front of him.

His lips have been gradually curling into the widest smile as he listens to her. Her soft voice delivers the lullaby in gentle, soothing tones as she slowly sways beside the crib.

It is having the desired effect on the precious bundle in her arms whose fussing has stopped as she settles into a trance, her eyes fixed on her mother. From this angle, he can't see what she sees, but he can guess. Much as he has not stopped smiling at all, despite the lack of sleep, Mackenzie, too, has been unable to keep her delight from her face. It all truly is a miracle; an amazing experience he could never have imagined. It is the most important role he has ever had in his life. The highest honour. He is loving every single moment of it.

"You could join us."

Her voice is still quiet, her body still angled away from him. He had been so lost in his thoughts - in his adoration - that he had not noticed the singing had ceased.

"I could," he responds. "But I'm enjoying the show."

"Get over here," she instructs.

He does as she says. As always.

Stepping up beside her, he places his arm across her shoulders and presses a gentle kiss to her temple.

"How was the show?"

"Good. Good," he replies, shifting his eyes to his daughter. He lightly places his hand on her tiny head, stroking her forehead tenderly. "You should be asleep, little Charlotte," he whispers to her.

"She was," Mac assures him.

"She just wanted to be in your arms," he tells her, lovingly. "Can't blame her, really."

"I'm happy to oblige," she beams.

He squeezes Mac tightly and bestows another kiss upon her cheek before leaning forward to kiss Charlotte's perfect forehead.

Then he warmly embraces his wife as they simply watch as Charlotte's eyes eventually drift closed. And Will corrects his earlier thought:

He never wants to move from here.