Foster Sees a Clue

Rating: PG
Summary: Cal and Gillian work a missing person case…
Disclaimer: I do not own Lie to me*
Be advised: This is what happens when you tweet about Lie to me* whilst watching 'Horton Hears a Who'… At least it's what happens when I do those things. It started out amusing, but turned kinda serious and now I'm not really sure what it is.
Date: 10th July 2010

… … …

This is a story of truth and of lies;
Of people who read what they see in your eyes.
We find them today as they work on a case,
Studying close ups of somebody's face.

Lightman and Foster, stood side by side,
They know that he did, but not why this guy lied.
They're searching for clues in expressions he used:
When he'd spoke of his wife he'd looked slightly amused.

They'd asked what was funny and he had just shrugged;
Said he'd seen her on Tuesday: they'd kissed and they'd hugged.
He'd not seen her since, but he didn't seem worried;
His report of her missing certainly hadn't been hurried.

They play back the interview, listen again;
Look closely at movements: what they are and when.
They're getting disheartened; it seems he's too good,
Then Foster calls, "Wait!" just as Cal'd mentioned blood.

It looked like their suspect had turned a shade green,
But sometimes reactions are not what they seem.
His nausea - faked - had covered a smirk:
It was a lie that on Tuesday she had gone out to work.

Cal enters the Cube and tells him they know,
And they see the annoyance he tries not to show.
Cal pushes and pushes to get him to crack,
And when he shouts that he's innocent, Cal shouts right back:

"We know that you're lying, you might as well quit,
"Tell us where she is, or FBI get a hit!"
Through the wall of the Cube he can see Agent Ben,
Hand poised on his gun - enough to scare bigger men.

His eyes flit around in a moment of panic;
There's nowhere to run and he knows he has had it.
His posture deflates and he sinks in his chair,
Then he spills out the truth: why and how, when and where.

They race to the address where he's kept her in chains;
She's scared and shook up, but only in emotional pain.
They don't tell her the reason that she's still alive
Is 'cause he lost all his nerve and couldn't kill his own wife.

An ambulance comes and whisks her away,
And Lightman and Foster call an end to their day.
Another case solved; another psycho in jail.
Cal asks Gill to dinner 'cause she's looking quite pale.

It's not always easy to shake what they've seen,
To not dwell on the cruelty and pain that has been.
But they have each other and they face it together.
It's friendship; it's love and it'll last them forever.