One Shot

Rating: PG
Summary: He realises the clock is ticking now…
Disclaimer: I do not own Lie to me. Or the lyrics used, from "One Shot" - JLS.
A/N: Just a little ficlet that came to me today while listening to this song. Thank you to DNAisUnique for reading this for me.
Season: Set shortly after Delinquent.
Date: 18th August 2010

… … …

The clock is ticking down, it's the final round…

… … …

You step round the corner and quickly step back. Peeping round the wall confirms what you thought you saw: Gillian and Dr Burns are standing by her car, she leaning against it; him leaning towards her.

She's laughing - her smile wide; her eyes bright. The beautiful sound carries across the car park.

You smile because you always do when you see her smiling. You love seeing her happy. And she definitely seems happy.

Your smile falters; your heart sinking. It was bound to happen but you hadn't prepared yourself for it. Fooling yourself into thinking the two of you could go on forever as you were was just easier. Convincing yourself that you deserved more than just 'as you were' seemed impossible, but secretly you tried. You hoped.

Now it looks like it can never happen.

He brushes some hair away from her cheek, and she turns into his touch. You can feel yourself tensing. Jealousy is an ugly emotion but it's bloody hard to control. You'll get there eventually, you suppose. If you have to.

He kisses her, softly - and thankfully, quickly - and then he walks over to his own car. She waves to him as he gets inside and drives away and she turns to open her car door.

And you step out. You're not entirely sure why. You just know you're not ready to let go.

She sees you. Your eyes meet and she begins to smile. But then it drops and she frowns. She's reading your expression and she's concerned by what she sees.

You wonder what that is. You're usually good at hiding your emotions from her but you're not so sure you're doing that now.

Maybe she sees jealousy; maybe she sees sadness; maybe she sees disappointment, or anger. You feel it all.

You also feel like walking over there and telling her you're in love with her.

Maybe she can see that.

She tilts her head, wondering what's going on; wondering what's going to happen next.

Your heart is pounding in your ears.

You wonder the same thing.

… … …

So, tell me what it is that's stopping you now.

… … …