Rating: 12
Disclaimer: I do not own Lie to me.
Summary: What could have happened during Secret Santa (2x08)
A/N: Just a little extended scene that came to me while watching the episode tonight. Serves no purpose except to bring the ship :)
Date: 15th May 2010

He kisses her cheek, and bids her, "'Bye, Darlin'", then he walks past her... to head to a war zone.

She grabs his hand before he's out of reach, and he stops, looking back, his expression questioning what she's doing.

She holds his gaze, asking herself the same thing. Stopping him was a reflex, what she does next is up to her.

And there's only one thing she wants to do.

A forceful tug on his arm brings him to her, and she grasps his scarf to hold him steady as her lips crash into his. She inhales deeply through her nose when, after a fleeting hesitation, he returns her kiss full force.

She ends up pinned between him and the doorframe; his hands all over her, touching her, holding her, pulling her to him even as he pushes himself closer. Hers slip down his chest, finding their way inside his coat, working round to his back. It's a frantic release of the attraction that's been building since they met. They both know they don't have long, and they both know the danger he is about to head into. And, though she doesn't want to think it, the thought is there anyway: He may not come back.

That sobering thought brings a lump to her throat, and she actually curses his ability to read people when he obviously detects the shift in her mood and he pulls his lips away from hers. He's frowning, studying her closely, and his hands move up to caress her cheeks.

"I'm coming back, love," he insists, his voice breathless from their kiss.

She nods within his hold, whispering, "You'd better."

He smirks, boldly. "I already had enough good reasons to return," he tells her, "You didn't have to give me another one."

She slaps him playfully on the back and forces a small smile through her rising anxiety. Turning her head slightly to the right, she kisses his hand. "You should go," she states, reluctantly.

He leans forward and captures her lips in another intense kiss and she tries to remember why they never did this sooner.

When he breaks away this time, he adds a few feather light kisses to conclude. "We'll continue this when I get back," he tells her, pointedly.

She manages another smile and he gently strokes his thumb across her cheek before letting go and walking away.

She watches him go, waiting until he is out of sight before leaning heavily against the wall behind her; taking a moment to attempt to settle the myriad of emotions that are coursing through her - even though she knows she won't be calm until he's back.