Three Nine One

Rating: PG
Summary: Next time, on Lie to me*…
Disclaimer: I don't own Lie to me*
A/N: This (or something very much like it) needs to happen in 3x09. Just sayin'
Dedication: Lie to me fans, never give up hope ;)
Date: 7th December 2010

… … …

Gillian didn't even have time to smile and bid Cal good morning. He was in front of her before she had realised he was in the room, and his hands were holding her face, and his lips were on hers before she could wonder what he was doing.

She probably should have put some thought into what he was doing once she had processed it and realised he was kissing her: Cal was kissing her! But, well, Cal was kissing her and 'why' didn't seem so important.

She parted her lips and wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him against her. He went willingly, his body crushing hers into her bookcase.

His hands slipped into her hair; his fingers caressing her scalp, her neck. Hers trailed the contours of his back through his shirt, wanting to touch him wherever she could.

She moaned as he pressed further forward and felt his lips curve into a smile against hers.

Spell broken, Gillian giggled as Cal's smile widened and he pulled back just his head so that he could meet her eyes.

Chests heaving; bodies gasping for air, they stared at each other for a good four seconds, and the answer to her earlier discarded question was written all over Cal's face: 'Because I love you.'

Of course that begged her next question: "Why now?"

It sounded like a clichι from one of the romance novels she loved to read, but she was sure her heart actually melted at the adoration, the admiration, the pure love that lit up Cal's entire expression as his smile morphed into a full blown grin and he replied, "Why not?"

She shook her head slowly as she laughed, trying to decide if it was absolutely necessary to probe for elaboration. Did it matter why? Or was it about time that it was just enough that they had finally given in to what they had foolishly tried to ignore for so long?

He must have read the niggling uncertainty on her face. He stroked a thumb across her left cheekbone and brought his head in closer to hers as he whispered, his voice serious and honest, "Life's too short, Gill. And I knew you'd be a bloody good kisser. I'm not willing to spend anymore time denying myself that pleasure."

He waggled his eyebrows and silenced her responding laughter with a scorching kiss.

And, in the very last second that she could still think straight, Gillian had to admit that she wholeheartedly supported his plan.

… …. …