Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Lie to me.
Summary: It's a good question…
Season: post-Dirty Loyal (3x03)
A/N: Thank you to DNAisUnique for reading this through for me :)
Date: 22nd October 2010

… …

You can see the unasked questions in their eyes; on their faces: Why is he doing this to you? Why the sudden change?

You wish you could answer those, but you've not yet come up with an explanation for yourself.

But there are some that you can answer: Why do you let him treat you like that? Why are you still there? Why do you still pick up the pieces of his messes when he's just treating you like dirt? Why have you stuck with him for so long? Why do you still care?

The answer to all of them is the same: Because you're in love with him. Because as the years have passed you've fallen for him. Hard. Because it wouldn't be you if you just walked away. Because you've seen the other side of him. Because you've had him hold you and comfort you and you know that he loves you too. Because you've seen it in his eyes, even in these last few weeks.

Because you're sure that he will come back.

Because you'll wait for him.

You don't know why he's turned on you, but you will wait.

Because you're in love with him, despite knowing that that fact in itself begs the question: Why?

… …