Title: Goodbye
Author: csiAngel
Rating: U
Summary: "Goodbye… My Sarah Jane."
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Dedication: In memory of Elisabeth Sladen.
A/N: Post-ep, "School Reunion".

He'd said it this time: The words that would have stopped the waiting. There was no expectation now. Of course she would still wonder where he was - when he was; would still relive their time together; would still ponder how different her life could have been if she had been able to stay with him.

The mere fact that she had seen him again was still taking her by surprise. She certainly hadn't expected her investigation to lead to the familiar blue box and the unfamiliar face. But being with him had soon felt so natural.

Seeing him with his latest "assistant" had brought the pangs of jealousy; the sense of lost opportunity; the anger that he hadn't come back for her. But she couldn't bear resentment for long. There was pain that was haunting him, she'd seen it in his new eyes. His decision to move on had not been taken lightly.

And nor had hers. And she had made it before the invitation was extended. It had been the most amazing, unbelievable time of her life; it was at the forefront of her mind every single day. But she couldn't go back to that; it couldn't be repeated. And now that she knew he was alive she could move on. She could wonder and ponder, but now she could look up at the night sky and know that he was out there, and that they had that chance to say goodbye.

And, more than that, from the smile, the wonder, the pride in his expression as he'd uttered those words: She knew that he had never forgotten her…

And he never would.

… … …